Update: South migration tool is now pulled into Django core as of Django 1.7. So if you are starting out on Django 1.7 then you don’t needĀ to install South anymore because it has now it’s own implementation of a database migration tool.

For sometime now Ive been playing with Django. Making small applications that is not worth mentioning. When I first touched Django Ive read somewhere that it would help me greatly if I used South, a database migration tool but I just brushed it off too early at that time since I didnt want to learn something on top of Django. Now that Ive tried it Ive realized that Ive truly made a big mistake of not trying it earlier.

South is a tool for database migration. What it does is help you sync your database tables with your models. Youre really going to appreciate it when you have a live production setup and then you find yourself needing to change some tables, like add columns or change the default values. Imagine if you have made a lot of changes and when you need to put your project into the live setup youre going to write a bunch of SQL scripts to patch the live setup. With South you wont need to create your own SQL scripts to patch your tables.

Like all Django application you will need to add it in your settings.py. It also creates it own tables in your database. For now I dont really care what it adds to my project since it doesnt seem to get in my way. It is really a great app/tool to have specially for me since Im only learning Django and web development so I always ends up modifying my models too often.

You can get South fromĀ here. Installation and a tutorial is also in their website to help you get started quickly.